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      The soccer moves below represent the quality found in the 80 drills in each of our practice books. Click on the picture of a book at the top of the page or on a link on your left to get all the details.

      Coerver Coaching is based on the belief that a team is only as good as the players that form it. The essence of the Coerver® method is ball mastery. All other aspects of the game - from receiving and passing to group play - flow from this basic building block.

      About Soccer Moves

      The soccer moves shown on our site are the ones used in warm-ups in our soccer drills and practice plans books.

      They are examples of basic 1v1 moves to beat opponents. Each soccer player should develop at least two moves they can perfect and use in any game situation.

      Soccer moves are difficult to teach and require a lot of individual initiative by young players to practice over and over again.

      Examples of soccer drills found in our books:

      passing, receiving, ball control drills, header drills, 1v1 attacking drills, odd-man attacking, odd-man defending, fast break, flank attack, shooting drills, change of direction drills, dribbling, anticipation drills, soccer speed, reaction drills, overlap passing, cut-backs, passing-shooting combination drills, dribbling-shooting combination drills soccer agility drills, defending more than one soccer goal, running drills, pass-turn-pass, pass-turn-shoot, faking defenders, transition play drills, 1 v 1 to 8 v 8 scrimmages

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