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From: Tom Sauder, Author & Coach
To:      All Soccer Coaches

After my soccer playing career I ended up in a position most "soccer parents" find themselves in: Coaching my kids. I bought all the books and videos I could find to get an idea of what to practice.

There was a lot of good material, a lot of reading and some diagrams. In the end, I had to sit down and write my own notes, drills, and diagrams on a piece of paper to take to practice. I carefully prepared one page for each soccer drill and put a few of them on my clipboard to make a complete practice session.

Fellow coaches asked how I got such good diagrams and instructions on a single page, fitting my clipboard. Seeing there was interest, I consulted with soccer experts and we developed clipboard ready soccer drills so that coaches all over the world could be practice ready, with high quality soccer drills, in just minutes.


top quality soccer drills - easy to coach

the right drills for your team's age group

ready when you need them - right now!

available where you need them - in your home !

tested and proven with teams I coach

Please scroll down to learn more and print some drills to try.

Tom Sauder, Author & Coach


Why am I so confident our practices are the best? Because we score 10/10 on what makes soccer coaching drills work.

top quality drills developed by licensed coaches
game situation soccer drills preparing team for next game
drills build fitness levels and motivate players
right levels of difficulty for the age of your team
based on international soccer coaching standards
tested and proven with real teams - they work!!
fully diagrammed soccer drills with step by step instructions
coaching points, tips, and drill progression
opportunity to adjust drills during sessions
fast paced and fun !!!

Our proven SOCCER DRILLS are guaranteed to DEVELOP YOUR PLAYERS & IMPROVE YOUR TEAM! Please score any other soccer practice resource against this checklist. If it's not 10/10, it's not for you!


Our soccer practices have a proprietary sequence designed to optimize player learning and team development:


Every player works with a ball, being in constant motion to loosen up muscles and joints. Between the ball exercises are soccer specific stretches.

Technical Drill

Once properly warmed up, we work on soccer techniques such as precision passing, scoring goals, tackling, communication, etc. For goalies this means, diving, catching, ball handling.

Fitness Training

Your team will improve it's aerobic base and develop more speed working with a ball as much as possible.

For goalkeepers, this section focusses on strength, co-ordination and flexibility.

Tactical Drill

Game application tactical exercise in small units are emphasized, geared to the age level of your team.

Specific defensive, midfield, offensive, transitional functions are isolated and developed.

Mini Game/ Scrimmage

To conclude the session, your team gets to put everything it's learned so far into a competitive game drill.

Mini Game/ Scrimmage

After the mini game, you'll want to follow up with players and parents about what they can practice at home. There's a reason the saying is "Practice makes perfect."

Coach Dave says:

"I just wanted to let you know how helpful your book is. I bought it on practice day after searching the internet for 1v1 activities. I saw that the samples tended to follow the US Youth Soccer Coaching guidelines. The first practice was well received by my 10 year old girls. I asked if they liked the format of "my" new practices...I got a resounding "YES! It was FUN!"

Coach Dave, USSF D licensed coach


Below are the details on each of the soccer coaching drills contained in this great package. Download sample drills, put them on your clipboard, and take them to your next practice.

Coaching Kids (6-a-side) & Having Fun:

Our kids soccer drills are specifically designed for 4-8 year olds playing small field soccer. We emphasize social development through interaction with others in fun exercises.

Physical development focusses on co-ordination and flexibility.

Basic soccer skills are developed in a way that keeps everyone involved and busy - no standing around.

This book is ideal for the parent on their first coaching job. You don't need to be an ex soccer pro to teach the greatest sport on earth.

Kids will love your practices and want to come back again and again.

Try a Kids/Basic Soccer Drill: Basic Soccer Drill

Coaching Youth, School or Club Soccer:

Our youth parctices are geared towards fundamental ball skill development for 9-12 year olds.

Players will be busy with a ball at all times.

We emphasize the importance of proper warm-ups and stretching to develop good habits. We have found that players who start proper warm-ups early will stay with it throughout their playing career.

Essential 1v1 moves, short/long passing, basic defending, shooting and ball control are critical skill areas of focus.

Soccer specific fitness training is introduced with a focus on exercises using a ball as much as possible. We do not believe in pure running exercises - it must be soccer related.

Tactical training focusses on elements of setting up goal scoring opportunities, transition play and limiting opponent's attacks.

Try a Youth/Intermediate Soccer Drill: Intermediate Soccer Drill

Competitive Youth, College & Amateur Teams:

This book is for competitive youth teams and amateur adult teams.

Players are expected to use their soccer skills at faster paces and in more complex drills.

Your team will learn how to solve tactical game situation problems.

These soccer drills are difficult to perfect and players need to demonstrate that they can adapt to quickly changing situations.

As coach, you will be challenged to get individuals, units and the entire team to perform proficiently - quickly.

Try a Competitive/Advanced Soccer Drill: Advanced Soccer Drill

Soccer Goalkeeping:

We understand the special needs for training soccer goalkeepers. All to often their practice time is limited to taking shots or participating in regular team drills.

This set of soccer drills and practices is designed to work on all aspects of goalkeeping.

Your goalies will work on basic techniques of catching and diving. Co-ordination and flexibility will improve.

Reflex and reaction can be trained and we spend a lot of time on these elements.

Goalkeepers have their own set of tactics, such as positioning relative to the play, coming off the line, ball distribution, setting up walls, stopping penalties, etc. You will get drills for all of those.

Soccer goalie fitness training is different from the rest of the team. Vertical leap ability, for example, is critical. There is much more emphasis on strength than on speed, for instance. Our drills are geared to these elements.

And, we have developed special scrimmage games for goalies to maximize their opportunity for stopping shots. The rest of the team will also enjoy these drills.

Try a Soccer Goalkeeping Drill: Soccer Goalie Drill

Check out the index of all the drills in this great soccer coaching resource:

300 soccer drills index

Our soccer practice drills are created as Adobe PDF files, the universal standard for electronic book publishing. Adobe Reader comes with your computer software as a standard feature. If for any reason you need to get Adobe Reader, it is available for free at:


The entire collection of 300 fabulous soccer drills can be on your desktop in 2 minutes:

Order this essential soccer coaching package now and get the best value anywhere.


Kids/Basic Soccer: for ages 4-8

  • 60 clipboard ready soccer drills.
  • invaluable coaching points for each drill.
  • motivational and fun
  • Sample Kids Soccer Drill
  • from certified coaches

  • Youth/Intermediate: for ages 9-12

  • 80 clipboard ready soccer drills.
  • invaluable coaching points for each drill.
  • instructional, developing essential skills
  • Sample Youth Soccer Drill
  • from certified coaches

  • Competitive/Advanced: for ages 13 +

  • 80 clipboard ready soccer drills.
  • invaluable coaching points for each drill.
  • problems solving and tactical development
  • Sample Competitive Soccer Drill
  • from certified coaches

  • Goalkeeping: for ages 11 +

  • 80 clipboard ready soccer drills.
  • coaching points & progressions for each drill.
  • all goalkeeping techniques + flexibility + agility
  • Sample Soccer Goalie Drill
  • from certified coaches

  • Free Bonus # 1: Winning Strategies For The Underdog

    Unless you are the dominating team you will come up against a team ahead of you. In this book we reveal the best game strategies and line -ups when you are facing the powerhouse you could never beat. You learn how to mentally prepare your team for success when facing tough competition.

    Free Bonus #2: Soccer Tryout Package

    You may need to select players and you must know the skills of each player on your team. This book gives you tryout practice plans to assess player skills and fitness.
    Includes player rating, position profile, and personal data sheets.

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    I personally guarantee that you will be impressed and that you will have enough soccer drills for your entire coaching career. With the added drill progressions you can modify each drill to generate thousands more. If you find a better value soccer drills resource anywhere else on the web, send us a link to the web site. If we confirm the better value, we will send you our book for free !!! You can then judge it on its merits of QUALITY.

    Tom Sauder, Author & Coach

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