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Coaching Competitive Youth, College or Amateur Soccer

second edition

We wrote this book for experienced coaches so that your players and team will compete at the highest level with success.

This book has been designed with the following in mind:

  • for advanced level coaches and players.
  • developing complex techniques and tactical elements.
  • high intensity fitness drills developing 100% maximum effort for 90 minutes
  • choice of intensity level for each drill by increasing pressure on player with the ball
  • these soccer drills have improved teams internationally at the highest level
  • Please have a look at the sample soccer drill and sample practice plan to give you an idea of what you will find in this book. Print them and try them with your team.

    I have run all of these practices with my teams and will vouch for their effectiveness

    Tom Sauder, Author & Soccer Coach


    This book contains 80 soccer drills and 10 complete practice plans for your team:

  • all drills come with coaching tips to make them work
  • solving game situation problems.
  • skill application in complex tactical situations.
  • defending, midfield and attacking in units.
  • transition, fast break attack, possession play.
  • maximum touches of ball for every player.
  • choice of pre-designed season plans based on your team priorities.
  • Try a free soccer practice plan with soccer drills & book content:

    The only fully diagrammed practice plans with step by step instructions fitting on a single page - clipboard ready! - Top quality & Outstanding value


    Simply download your COMPETITIVE SOCCER practice book and coach your team today !

    a must have for only $ 14.95 USD

    Free Bonus With Your Order : Winning Strategies For The Underdog

    Unless you are the dominating team you will come up against
    a team ahead of you. In this book we reveal the best game
    strategies and line -ups when you are facing the powerhouse
    you could never beat. You learn how to mentally prepare
    your team for success when facing tough competition.

    Also included Dynamic Warm-Up Routine page & video link !!

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    75 action packed pages.

    10 completely worked out practices, each on a single page to fit on your clipboard.

    Each practice plan follows the sequence of warm-up, technical, fitness, tactics, and scrimmage game.

    Practices are designed to be easy to demonstrate, maximize player touches on the ball and to be fun for these young future stars.

    In addition to soccer skill and team tactics, they incorporate fitness, agility, communication, problem solving and mental fitness training.

    Each of the drills for each of the practices is on its own page that fits on a clipboard and has room for notes.

    This allows the coach to create different practice sessions from the 50 drill pages (80 drills) available.

    So if you wanted to run a practice involving more passing, use drills with passing themes

    You can sequence the drills in any order you feel your team needs on a given day.

    There is a summary page outlining the main focus of each of the drills.

    You are getting 10 complete practice sessions and the ability to now mix and match 80 drills into many more practices.

    Examples of soccer drills found in the book:

    passing, receiving, ball control drills, header drills, 1v1 attacking drills, odd-man attacking, odd-man defending, fast break, flank attack, shooting drills, change of direction drills, dribbling, anticipation drills, soccer speed, reaction drills, overlap passing, cut-backs, passing-shooting combination drills, dribbling-shooting combination drills soccer agility drills, defending more than one soccer goal, running drills, pass-turn-pass, pass-turn-shoot, faking defenders, transition play drills, 1 v 1 to 8 v 8 scrimmages

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