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      Click on a book for detailed info and FREE soccer drills & practice plans:


          • we are certified coaches who innovated "Print & Go" soccer practices
          • age & skill specific soccer drills on a single page with coaching points
          • we balance soccer skill, soccer tactics, soccer fitness, and mental training in game application settings
          • our soccer drills are guaranteed to improve your players and are tested with real teams
          • our soccer practices motivate soccer players to play better and try harder
          • 2nd Editions: Each soccer drill has coaching points & progressions
          • Over 500 soccer drills & 70 soccer practice plans to choose from


          • pre-designed soccer practice plans (and soccer drills), clipboard ready - on one page
          • no analyzing videos, no taking notes, - just PRINT & GO.
          • detailed soccer drill diagrams with step by step instructions
          • we are soccer coaches and know what a coach needs - simple yet effective practices
          • iPad/tablet friendly if you want to save paper !!


          • check where our coaches are from: list of countries
          • "It was my first time coaching in over 6 years and thanks to the drills and practices
            in the books my team took 1st place." Coach Christina
          • more testimonials from our coaches: testimonials

          I invite you to try our soccer drills & practices and to join our global community of soccer coaches.

          Tom Sauder, Author & Soccer Coach

          The Soccer Practice Plans

          Our practice books have more than 70 pages packed with pure soccer practice info - no paper wasted.

          Our KIDS (4-8) and YOUTH (9-12) practices are ideally suited for new coaches. All you need to do is print today's practice, pack up your equipment bag and head out to the field.

          Our COMPETITIVE book is providing advanced soccer drills and practice plans for coaches and teams in a competitive environment, such as university, college, adult amateur or competitive youth.

          The COMPETITIVE PRO book contains 120 advanced competitive soccer drills and 20 practice plans. It is intended for high performance teams practicing a fast transition play system.

          Our GOALKEEPING book takes your keeper to the next level in skills, flexibility, reaction, fitness and game tactics. Your goalies need specialized practices - don't let them be on their own or neglect them by having someone take shots on them. No matter how good they are, they need to train as much as any other player. Our soccer goalie drills can be used by two goalies working together or a knowledgable assistant coach !

          Our INDOOR soccer book is for practicing inside or in small spaces developing soccer skills and fitness in fun sessions.

          Our Systems of Play book gives every coach a quick start to common formations from 5v5 to 11v11.

          Each book has 10 (Competitive Pro 20) completely worked out practice plans, each with 80 (Fast Break 120) soccer drills, following the sequence of warm-up, technical (skill) drill, fitness drill, tactical drill and scrimmage. Each drill and practice plan is on a single page that fits on your clipboard. And, we show you how you can develop 100's more practices with our drill matrix.

          Examples of soccer drills found in the books:

          • ball control, passing and receiving
          • 1v1 attacking, shooting and headers
          • odd-man attacking and defending
          • fast break soccer and flank attack
          • change of direction dribbling
          • anticipation, decision making and reaction speeds
          • overlap passing
          • cut-backs
          • passing - dribbling - shooting combinations
          • defending more than one goal
          • running drills such as pass-turn-pass and pass-turn-shoot
          • transition play
          • 1 v 1 to 8 v 8 and 11 v 11 scrimmages

          Our Coaching Philosophy

          Soccer practices need to flow and keep players moving with a ball at all times. Players must be challenged with the soccer program and be able to feel a satisfaction from progressing throughout the session. Soccer drills must be interesting and vary across skills, tactics, strategies, mental and physical fitness and team building.

          As coach, you need to minimize your involvement - easy demonstration of the drill and then only interrupt when necessary. Let the players figure things out!

          Our practice plans are designed so that you can set up all soccer drills in advance and then work through the practice sequence without wasting time moving cones around.

          Practices and soccer drills must tie in to the team's developmental and strategic goals for the season. We offer a variety of practice sequences depending on the priorities you pick for your team !

          All our sessions are designed to be conducted on a half field, but most can be expanded to full field if space is available.

          Soccer Trivia

          FIFA Club World Championship

          One might ask what is this competition? Well, in it's current format the competition was first held in 2000 (Sao Paolo won) as a trial and then every year starting in 2005. The winners of six continental club championships plus the host country compete. From 1960 to 2004 it was called the world cup an played between the Champion's League winner of Europe and the winner of the South American Copas Libertadores.

          Penalty Kicks

          Research has shown that the team that scores the last goal prior to a penalty kick shootout wins the penalty kicks. 56% of penalty kicks are won by the team that earns the tie and carries the momentum forward. It builds confidence. On the other hand, there is no difference in winning the shootout in regards to which team takes the first kick.

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